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SMF4Mobile 2.0 Released
« on: January 01, 2018, 09:34:11 am »
SMF4Mobile 2.0 has been released. SMFHacks/vbgamer45 has taken over development and I have started pushing some new feature updates and bug fixes. These updates include fixes to support the latest version of SMF 2.0.x and also support for many SMF based modifications right out of the box

To order/buy now visit;sa=view;id=3
Complete Changelog
2.0 Theme
!Fixed login issue for new SMF version due session check
+Added reCaptcha support v2 Support
+Profile in display.template.php now linked to profile page
+Added basic login support for the admin area
+Added more menus if mods are installed. SMF Gallery, SMF Store, SMF Classifieds, Downloads System, SMF Articles
+Added support for AdSeller Pro and Admanagement mod ad placements on display,boardindex and messageindex templates
+Added full site link in the main menu dropdown
!Fixed broken html tag in display.template.php
!Default captcha for SMF now supports six characters instead of five
!Text of Go Up and Go Down now uses language strings

2.0 Mod
!Better security on the redirect link to stop spammers abuse
+Disable ezPortal if it is enabled

Existing customers can download the latest updates at

For the modification please uninstall the old version then install the new version.

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