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« on: September 27, 2013, 06:59:02 pm »
I recently half took over a music fan forum we had a lot of users who had mobile devices and obviously had problems accessing it due to the standard theme they wouldn't use the smf wap2 as they said it was boring plus limited. We came across your theme after trying a few others out which didn't work at all they were buggy and unreliable we had to restore our forum several times something we were fed up of doing due to buggy mods etc which were out.

We tried your mobile theme and have noticed a rise in users coming back, happy feedback no more negative feedback plus we have noticed increased activity and posting. We have users who use Apple products/android phones/windows phone and they all say how it looks great on there devices

We haven't really had to ask for support only one slight problem which was a smf task which needed to be run apart from that your theme is very good and reliable. We found a solution to a slight issue with posts not being able to be deleted but browsing your forum that issue has been resolved we found an answer off you which you answered another user. So I highly recommend your theme to any SMF user who wants to add mobile functions within a few minutes so far so good keep up the good work :)

Thankyou for creating a reliable product make sure you keep it going!