Author Topic: SMF4Mobile 1.0 beta 5 released!  (Read 11863 times)


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SMF4Mobile 1.0 beta 5 released!
« on: March 23, 2011, 01:49:42 pm »
This is a very quick bug fix release, probably beyond this point no new features would be added. However current features might see subtle improvements which doesn't involve huge amount of changes unless very necessary. Summary of changes are :

- Changed the style of navigation pop-ups to have more distinguishable colours between headers and links
- Fixed confirmation links for navigation pop-ups, this fixes links such as "Remove topics" etc
- Fixed a few issues with switching of theme back and forth desktop and mobile versions
- Large images on topic display would be scaled down to appropriate size now, also if they are un-linked they will be linked to their source to allow full sized viewing
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Thank you